This is Sjølyst Møtesenter

Sjølyst Meeting Center is located at Sjølystparken. Sjølystparken is an office park owned by Fram Eiendom, and which is very centrally located with a 3 minute walk from Skøyen station, and right at the exit from E18.

The main entrance is at the front from Circle K.

Sjølyst Møtesenter was recently refurbished to be ready for opening during the autumn of 2020. Unfortunately, things were quite different both for us, as so many other industries. It is a new everyday life where many people sit in their home office and have digital meetings. Nevertheless, it is with great pride and joy that we can welcome you to a meeting center with a focus on digital meetings, high quality and superb service, to give you and you a perfect meeting or conference experience.


There are video conferences, digital meetings with several destinations that can connect to each other. There is also no use of a regular whiteboard, but a touchscreen where it can be drawn and written on, as well as digital flipboards.

The meeting center is a very special place, and the good atmosphere is felt as soon as you step inside the doors of the lobby. Decorated with especially many plants, it's like entering a green and lush park. The meeting rooms are named after the four seasons, and two of the four elements. All rooms have their own distinctive character with colors and interiors that match their nickname.


Our website is built for digital solutions, to make booking of meeting rooms more efficient. You can easily and quickly book a room and order whatever food you want.




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