Events at Sjølyst Meeting Center

Do you want to arrange a Christmas table, "after work" or a kick off? Have the event with us!

Sjølystparken Restaurant is located adjacent to the meeting center and can accommodate up to 200 people during normal operations. We tailor and arrange the event according to your wishes. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are looking for premises for a larger conference with several meeting rooms in addition to the auditorium, we will tailor your event for you.

If you want a dinner for a slightly smaller group?

Then we are happy to cover one of the meeting rooms so that you get the feeling of sitting in an exclusive room just for you.

Technical assistance

Sjølyst Møtesenter has established a collaboration with Bright Norway AS, for event support where special needs arise. This can be streaming services, production and visuals for presentations that will accompany speakers.

It can also be about advice for choosing music, graphics, introduction and the like. If you want to convert parts of lectures or presentations as a podcast, Bright can assist with this. In addition to the standard equipment available in the meeting rooms, extra equipment can also be rented as needed. These can be extra speakers, mixing tables for DJs, several headrests in the auditorium or in the common areas.

Lights and lighting related to social settings or views can also be set up, or extra screens if someone should wish to have views during evening events in the restaurant.




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