The digital meeting center of the future

Furnished as a good mix of theater and park, with technical equipment tailored to the digital needs of the future, the new Sjølyst Meeting Center in Sjølystparken is all you need for a meeting center in one impressive package.

It is impossible not to be impressed when you enter the new meeting center at Skøyen; it feels like stepping into a lush, green park! If you go further inwards, you get the feeling of being in a theater, with round sofas and heavy curtains.


With a unique focus on digital solutions, the new Sjølyst Meeting Center has set up video conferences, digital meetings with touch screens, broadcasting via cameras and top-quality sound system, as well as the opportunity for webinars, podcasts and much more.


A top-class meeting center

If there is one thing the last year has shown us, it is that we should not take the digital workday for granted. Fortunately, there are actors who take the digital workday seriously, and who did not hold back when they were to build the digital meeting center of the future.

But - do not be fooled: Sjølyst Møtesenter is a physical meeting center with five different meeting rooms and a large auditorium with room for up to 167 people, all of which can easily be booked on the website.


Project manager Sofia Rønning describes it as follows:
“The meeting center is completely refurbished, and the interior and atmosphere of the foyer / lobby should feel like a park. When you enter the reception it should be like entering a hotel. The lounge in the meeting center itself is like entering a theater. We have the latest technology, with digital solutions no other meeting center can offer."


Meeting room Spring

Meeting room Summer

Meeting room Autumn

Meeting room Winter

Meeting room Earth

Meeting room Heaven

Meeting rooms for all seasons

Should you hold smaller all-day events, such as a creative workshop with the company, we have five meeting rooms equipped with everything you may need of digital tools. Named after the seasons, we have a meeting room for every mood: Autumn, winter, spring and summer + earth. The spring and summer meeting rooms can be merged into one large room, should you need more capacity.

Read more about our meeting rooms here


You get this in the meeting rooms at Sjølyst Møtesenter:

  • 75 ”interactive screen that displays 4K graphics from connected sources (up to four at a time) or built-in browser
  • 55 ”digital flipchart with support for content sharing and drawing / writing directly on the screen
  • Modern screen sharing technology
  • Soundboard with integrated camera and microphone
  • Accommodates up to 12 people
  • Can be rented for half or full day
  • Coffee, tea and water available at all times

A heavenly auditorium

The room called "Heaven" - the auditorium - is the place to book if you are arranging larger events. With room for up to 167 people, you can invite internal or external to a day filled with professional or creative replenishment.

If you hold seminars or lectures in Heaven, you can also broadcast this to the outside world, either live or with recordings (this can be edited, ready to be sent out). The digital equipment and technology installed makes it easy to integrate state-of-the-art cameras with the presentation system. We believe that it should be easy to convey a message, and it should be easy for anyone to connect. Should any problems or questions arise, we have people in the house who assist with their expertise when it should apply.

Here, of course, it is also adapted for the hearing impaired. With a WiFi-based system, anyone can connect via a separate app on their own mobile phone, so they can get the sound via headphones.

Without food and drink, the meeting center will not work

It should not be many hours before a workshop, a meeting or seminar is characterized by an increasing coffee thirst or a rumbling stomach. At Sjølyst Møtesenter, we offer various conference packages, so that you can be served food throughout the day. No one should go hungry!

In the coffee bar you can order all kinds of soft drinks and most other things you could desire, but if you prefer the classic black coffee, we have both coffee, tea and water available in the lounge at all times.



So how does Sjølyst Møtesenter differ from the crowd? Rønning says:

«Sjølyst Meeting Center is the most trendy, untraditional and innovative meeting center in the city! With its distinctive interior and feel as well as new technology, the experience when you enter becomes a WOW factor. "




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